We asked so many authors that were willing to take part which options they would choice....... See what the author's said later on tonight.

 This or that- Simple- first answer that comes to mind. No

Hot or Cold? 

Up or down?

 Eat  in our out?
Car or subway? 

Oprah or Jerry? 
White or black? 

In the country or abroad? 

Inside or outside?  

Cat or dog? 

texting  or calling? 

ipod  or mp3? 

laptop or desktop? 

pencil or pen? 

reality or  drama?

 horror or  comedy?

Romance or  horror? 

Scream or moan? 

Knickers or no knickers? 

Six pack or no six pack? 

Eyes or bum? 

Chest hair or no chest hair? 
vanilla or  not?

 whipped  cream or choc sauce?

 ice cream or yogurt?

 Ice  or no ice

 Coke  or Pepsi?

 Caramel  Apple or Cotton Candy?

 Pasta or Pizza?



    Write something about yourself. No need to be fancy, just an overview.


    April 2013