Hot or Cold?
Cold... Especially in bed..... Heat from others....

Up or down?
The only way is up.. Baby

Eat in our out?
Out!!! Spend money on foodies is so much better.... But a
home cooked meal is good too...

Car or subway?
In the car..... Hehehe *wink*

Oprah or Jerry?
Jerry, that's the one they all get naked on right?!

White or black?

In the country or abroad
Abroad, love the sunshine we don't get any in  England.

Inside or outside?
Outside ;) in the  fresh air...... ;)

Cat or dog?
Cats, meow.

texting or calling?
Texting ;)

ipod or mp3?
iPod!! Love my iPod more than anything.

laptop or desktop?
Laptop, who wants to sit on a computer chair?

pencil or pen?
Pen, pencils are sh*t

reality or drama?
Reality all the way, watching people complain is

horror or comedy?
Comedy, nothing like a good old laugh.

romance or horror?
Romance. (What I'm a hopeless romantic okay?!)

Scream or moan?
Scream baby...... So much better ;)

Knickers or no knickers?
No knickers....... ;) no  effing knickers

Six pack or no six pack?
Six pack *swoon*

Eyes or bum?
Eyes, you can see a soul though eyes.

Chest hair or no chest hair?
No chest hair, maybe some.

vanilla  or not?

wiped cream or choc sauce?
Creammmm baby

ice cream or yogurt?
Ice cream, mmmm b&j ;)

Ice or no ice?
Ice.... Ice..... Baby....

Coke or Pepsi?
Always coca cola.... You see what I did there?

Caramel Apple or Cotton Candy?
Cotton candy mmmmm

Pasta or Pizza?
Pasta! I don't know it's just more yum yum?!

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