Hot or Cold? Hot.

Up or down? Down.

 Eat  in our out? In.
Car or subway? Car.

 Oprah or Jerry?  Oprah.

 White or black?  White.

 In the country  or abroad? Country. Relaxing.

Inside or outside?  Inside.

Cat or dog? Cat.

texting  or calling? Texting…I don’t answer my phone!

ipod   or mp3? Ipod.

laptop or desktop? Laptop.

 pencil or pen?  Pen.

 reality or  drama? Drama, baby!

 horror or  comedy? Comedy, every time.

 romance or  horror? Romance.

 Scream or moan? Moan.

 Knickers or no knickers?  Knickers!

 Six pack or no six pack?  Six pack, for sho!

 Eyes or bum? Eyes!

 Chest hair or no chest hair? No chest hair. Well, a little is

 Vanilla or not?  Not.

whipped  cream or choc sauce? Choc sauce!

 ice  cream or yogurt? Yogurt.

 Ice  or no ice? No ice.

Coke  or Pepsi? Coke.

 Caramel  Apple or Cotton Candy? Cotton candy.

 Pasta  or Pizza? Pizza.


Hot or Cold?   hot

 Up or down? up

 Eat  in our out? in

Car or subway? 

Oprah or Jerry?  oprah
 White  or black?  white

 In  the country or abroad?  country

 Inside or outside?  inside

 Cat or dog?  dog

 texting  or calling?  calling
ipod  or mp3?  ipod
laptop or desktop? 

 pencil  or pen? pen 

reality or drama? drama

 horror  or comedy? comedy

 romance  or horror?  romance

Scream or moan?  moan

 Knickers or no knickers?  No knickers

 Six pack or no six pack?  No six pack

 Eyes or bum?  bum

 Chest hair or no chest hair?  none

vanilla or not?  not

 whipped cream or choc sauce?  whipped

ice cream or yogurt?  yogurt

 Ice or no ice? ice

 Coke  or Pepsi? neither

 Caramel Apple or Cotton Candy? Cotton candy

 Pasta or Pizza?  pasta


Hot  or Cold?  Hot  
Up  or down?  Up 

Eat  in our out? Out 

Car  or subway?  Car 

Oprah or Jerry?  Oprah 
white or black?   Black 
In  the country or abroad?  Abroad 

Inside  or outside?  Outside 
Cat or dog?   Dog 

texting  or calling?  Calling 

ipod or mp3?  Mp3 
laptop  or desktop?  laptop 
pencil  or pen?  pen 
reality  or drama?  drama 
horror  or comedy?  comedy 
romance  or horror?  romance 

Scream  or moan?  moan 

Knickers  or no knickers?  No  knickers 

Six  pack or no six pack?  Six  pack 

  Eyes or bum?  Eyes 

Chest  hair or no chest hair?  No  chest hair 

vanilla  or not?  Not 

whipped  cream or choc sauce?  Choc sauce 

ice  cream or yogurt?  Yogurt 

Ice or no ice? Ice 

Coke  or Pepsi? Neither 

Caramel Apple or Cotton Candy?  Caramel  Apple 
Pasta or Pizza?  Pizza 

Hot or Cold?
Cold... Especially in bed..... Heat from others....

Up or down?
The only way is up.. Baby

Eat in our out?
Out!!! Spend money on foodies is so much better.... But a
home cooked meal is good too...

Car or subway?
In the car..... Hehehe *wink*

Oprah or Jerry?
Jerry, that's the one they all get naked on right?!

White or black?

In the country or abroad
Abroad, love the sunshine we don't get any in  England.

Inside or outside?
Outside ;) in the  fresh air...... ;)

Cat or dog?
Cats, meow.

texting or calling?
Texting ;)

ipod or mp3?
iPod!! Love my iPod more than anything.

laptop or desktop?
Laptop, who wants to sit on a computer chair?

pencil or pen?
Pen, pencils are sh*t

reality or drama?
Reality all the way, watching people complain is

horror or comedy?
Comedy, nothing like a good old laugh.

romance or horror?
Romance. (What I'm a hopeless romantic okay?!)

Scream or moan?
Scream baby...... So much better ;)

Knickers or no knickers?
No knickers....... ;) no  effing knickers

Six pack or no six pack?
Six pack *swoon*

Eyes or bum?
Eyes, you can see a soul though eyes.

Chest hair or no chest hair?
No chest hair, maybe some.

vanilla  or not?

wiped cream or choc sauce?
Creammmm baby

ice cream or yogurt?
Ice cream, mmmm b&j ;)

Ice or no ice?
Ice.... Ice..... Baby....

Coke or Pepsi?
Always coca cola.... You see what I did there?

Caramel Apple or Cotton Candy?
Cotton candy mmmmm

Pasta or Pizza?
Pasta! I don't know it's just more yum yum?!

Hot or Cold? Cold, because you can only take off so many layers till you are
clawing at flesh!

Up or down? Up 

Eat in our out?  Well, I like being on the receiving end of eating out,  I would have to say “In” 

Car or subway? Car, always car 

Oprah or Jerry?  While I like a good cry, I would have to say Jerry  (Seinfeld or Springer) I love to laugh!

White or black?  Grey J

In the country or abroad?  In country

Inside or outside?  The lines? Or the house? Because I have serious
opinions about this.  Always outside ;) lol

Cat or dog? Dog, and not a small dog that resembles a cat but barks. A real
dog J

texting or calling? I am a text whore

ipod or mp3? ipod

laptop or desktop? Both… is that allowed?

pencil or pen? Pen, gel, with soft grip and black ink

reality or drama? This one is funny because reality tends to be the most
dramatic, over the top *face slap*, where Drama itself tends to be more light
hearted and warm.

horror or comedy? Comedy! Unless it is really not funny because then I keep
averting my eyes like I am watching a horror

romance or horror? What is romance when you think about it? Cute girl in
small shorts who is lured in by a nice smile, and while it is good for a while,
at some point it gets mean and dirty…. Romance is a bit of horror without the
chainsaw ;)

Scream or moan? BOTH!!! Add a little hair pulling and I am all done ;)

Knickers or no knickers?  This one is funny, my husband and I were just
talking about this today. He chooses not to wear any, and has not for over 20
years now, so he is always naked, and when he puts on a pair of boxer briefs to
relax in the house I pounce on him and he doesn’t understand the

Six pack or no six pack? No six pack… ok maybe a little six pack like a hard
iced tea but not a full beer ;) can’t cuddle a full beer as well

Eyes or bum?  Eyes, oh big eyes that speak dirty when they look at me!

Chest hair or no chest hair? either

vanilla  or not? BOTH, a nice mix is sexy and loving

whiped cream or choc sauce? Whipped cream J

ice cream or yogurt? Ice cream 

Ice or no ice oooooohhhhh, yes to ice J

Coke or Pepsi?  Can I choose Coffee here?

Caramel Apple or Cotton Candy? Neither… too sweet

Pasta or Pizza? BOTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hot or Cold? cold 

Up or down? up 

Eat in our out? out 

Car or subway?  car 

Oprah or Jerry?  oprah 

White or black? black 

In the country or abroad? In the country 

Inside or outside?  inside 

Cat or dog?  dog 

texting or calling? texting 

ipod or mp3? ipod 

laptop or desktop? laptop 

pencil or pen? pen 

reality or drama? reality 

horror or comedy? comedy 

romance or horror? romance 

Scream or moan? moan 

Knickers or no knickers?  None J 

Six pack or no six pack? Six pack 

Eyes or bum?  Eyes! 

Chest hair or no chest hair?  No chest hair 

vanilla  or not? Not ;) 

wiped cream or choc sauce? Whipped cream 

ice cream or yogurt? Ice cream 

Ice or no ice? no ice 

Coke or Pepsi? Coke

Caramel Apple or Cotton Candy? Caramel Apple

Hot or Cold? Cold
Up or down? Down 
Eat in our out? Out

Car or subway? Car
Oprah or Jerry? Oprah
White or black? Black
In the country or abroad?abroad
Inside or outside? Inside
Cat or dog? Cat
texting or calling? Text
ipod or mp3? iPod

laptop or desktop? Laptop
pencil or pen? Pen
reality or drama? Drama
horror or comedy? Comedy
romance or horror? Romance
Scream or moan? Moan
Knickers or no knickers? No knickers
Six pack or no six pack? Six pack 
Eyes or bum? Eyes
Chest hair or no chest hair? No chest hair
vanilla or not?vanilla 
wiped cream or choc sauce? Whipped cream
ice cream or yogurt? Ice cream
Ice or no ice? ice
Coke or Pepsi? Coke
Caramel Apple or Cotton Candy? Cotton candy
Pasta or Pizza? pizza


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